Playing with Water

The placement of water spaces can make or break games. Water tiles can stop a Kragg horde from flooding in, it can allow an aquatic unit to get behind enemy lines, it can make opponents think twice about capturing resource tiles. In this post, I’ll be going through each of the different terrain tiles and how best to use the water spaces on them!


Zermano, Parada, Zyan, Baazaria, Doom Sand (x2), Kragg (x2), Ihalban, Primus, Moonshadow

This is the most straight-forward of any space. I recommend always placing these down in your home base so your units can freely enter the battlefield without getting too crowded or getting stuck on water spaces.

Tile space 6, right outside your base camp, is a great spot for this tile

Corner Water

Corner Water
Zermano, Parada (x3), Zyan (x3), Baazaria (x3), Doom Sand (x2), Kragg (x2), Ihalban (x2), Primus (x2), Moonshadow (x3)

The most common type of terrain tile in the game! These are best used in the center of the board, where you can place the water space on your opponent’s resource center while not covering your own

Corner Water tiles work well in spots 2,5, and 8.

Diagonal Water

Zermano, Parada, Zyan, Baazaria, Doom Sand, Primus

My favorite place to use these terrain tiles is to the side of the tile right in front of your opponent’s base camp, with the water tile closest to the center being the one closest to their side of the board. This means that if they want to send units to that column of the battleground, they’ll either have to take an extra turn to do so, or they’ll have to first move them up the center column first, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Tile placement spots 1 and 7 are good placement spots to make movement challenging for enemies.

Vertical Coastline

Zermano, Ihalban, Primus

This is like a much more effective version of the diagonal tiles above, but it’s only available to three factions. Having this in one of the side columns with the water half of the tile towards the middle can really divide your opponent’s forces!

Even more effective for placement spots 1 and 7!

Horizontal Coastline

Zermano, Kragg, Ihalban, Moonshadow

This is, in my opinion, the most powerful terrain tile in the game. If you are ever playing one of the four factions that has this terrain tile, and you have the choice between resource advantage or terrain tile advantage, I strongly encourage you to pick terrain tile advantage every time and throw down this piece right in the center of the board, with the water facing your opponent. You’ll be able to sit on the center tile and generate resources while keeping them from advancing in the center.

I use this type of tile on spot 5, and reap the rewards of controlling the resource centers!

I could honestly talk a lot more about water and terrain tiles (enough to fill a much larger post), but I wasn’t sure if people would find that all that exciting. If you would like to know more about how to play around water, let me know in the comments or in the Discord server! As always, I’ll see you all on the battleground!

2 thoughts on “Playing with Water

  1. I like pairing Zermano’s “Diagonal Water” as a connecter, to their coastline tiles. At least one of them most games, and if the board aligns sometimes both. The obvious benefit is it gives the aquatic monsters a lot more mobility, but it really helps the spell casters too, giving them a moat they can launch spells over. A tactic I use with Moonshadow is using getting their all land tile in the center (spot 5), then placing 2 of their corner water tiles in spots 3 and 9 (again if the placement goes my way).. This creates a LOT of great attack points for the “Swiftstriker” ability.


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