Understanding the Faction: KRAGG


The monsters of the Kragg mountains know three things. They are big, they are strong, and they love to smash. Kragg has the strongest melee attackers in Graviterrus and they also have a lot of toughness to boot. Add in a few key range strikes and some gargantuan birds of prey and the strategy for victory is easy: Be aggressive and go for the kill in all situations! This strategy can be hurt, however, as Kragg units often have low rank, so more intelligent factions are able to establish their strategies and assaults prior to Kragg leaders. Kragg’s ability to dominate the ground battle makes them a good choice for aggressive players.” Website gameplay description

The creatures of present day Kragg were forced to become nomadic due to various factors. Their numbers dwindled, they were forced to develop warbands that included a wide mix of creatures. To survive the harsh terrain of the Kragg mountains, they were forced to only show strength. Out of that need came a love for battle. Each Kragg clan fights the faction kingdoms that border them, the volcanic conditions of the mountains, the massive predatory birds of the region, and each other for dominance. For them, peace was never an option, and war is a preferred lifestyle. – Jason Crayton, Director of Graviterrus Lore

MrBoardGamer- Kragg Strategy Video


  • Plan a brutal ranged strike. Trolls can deliver massive damage from a distance, but you will have to plan it strategically.

  • Kragg has some tough and fast aerial units that can change the pace of the battle quickly. Don’t hesitate to take to the sky.

  • Rush to the frontlines! The Ogres of Kragg have powerful melee attacks and are tough, giving you an advantage in
    melee combat.

5 Spells and Abilities that make Kragg dangerous:

BONECRUSH: You get plus 1 victory point if this unit eliminates an enemy unit with 2 or more excess damage (in addition to points for eliminating the unit). (Troll Crusher, Ogre Berserker)

MAULER: You get 1 victory point whenever this unit wounds an enemy unit. (Ogre Mauler, Troll Ravager)

MENACE: Units with a Prowess of 4 or less cannot make melee attacks on this unit. (Greater Roc)

NATURAL TOUGHNESS: Ignore up to 2 melee damage. (1 use per game). (Ogre Berserker, Ogre Mauler, Monstrous Ogre)

SPELL WARD: Ignore up to 2 spell damage. (1 use per game). (Orc Warlock)

Battle Plan A: Overkill

6 key units:

Kragg’s powerful, tough Ogres and Trolls thrive in melee and close ranged combat. While attacking is fun, it’s Kragg’s high health that really makes this strategy work. These units are all capable of taking a hit or two and surviving, while Ogre Berserker, Ogre Mauler and Monstrous Ogre all can use Natural Toughness to stay in the trenches even longer. This sort of durability allows Kragg to pummel opponents with melee attacks. Abilities like Mauler, Bonecrush and Onslaught make up for Kragg’s lack of spells by stacking up extra victory points in a hurry. Ogre Berserker’s combination of Onslaught and Bonecrush almost always results in an extra point or 2 when eliminating units while Ogre Mauler can decimate an oncoming force with Frenzy. While the melee attackers are the key to this strategy, the high damage ranged attacks of Troll Crusher and Troll Ravager is what will rout foes. Troll Ravager can use Versatile to be both a ranged striker and deliver a melee attack. Troll Crusher’s single use 4 damage from range is the highest damage total from a ranged attack in the game… Even the mere threat of the ranged strikes enables the heavy hitting units to go on a rampage. Getting multiple “extra point” units on the board can be expensive, so start with some high health yet cost effective units like Monstrous Ogre or Orc Goliath to generate some gold and absorb some enemy damage. Positioning with this group is key. Kragg as a whole has a problem with low rank, and enemies can exploit that by stacking multiple activations and attacks. Keep these units close together on the battleground so that if one of them goes down, the others are within distance to hammer those higher ranked enemies that got too close to the frontline.

Battle Plan B: Aerial Mayhem

The Greater Roc is Kragg’s top unit, and is one of the biggest flying monsters in the game. When the Greater Roc hits the battleground early, it forces enemies to change their entire strategy and dedicate a lot of units and resources to bringing it down. Rather than place it in the vanguard, basically tipping off opponents as to your battle plan, start off with Goblin Scout, Goblin Stonethrower and Razortusk Charger. These units can grab resource centers (especially the Goblin Scout and Razortusk Charger with 3 movement) and maintain a good flow of gold. Razortusk Charger in particular is a great vangaurd unit because with Bullrush and 3 attack, it can potentially take down a key enemy as it charges around the board towards the gold mines. Bring the Greater Roc out a round or 2 later. With Menace, it’s going to avoid any melee cheap shots, both in the air and when landed, and with 8 health, most of the time it’s going to take a couple of enemies a couple of rounds to eliminate it. Feral Griffin and Wild Kongamato both are very good cost effective aerial support units, and both pack an offensive punch. Use them to follow the Greater Roc and finish off dazed and staggered enemies!

Underrated Unit: ORC WARLOCK

Kragg, as a faction, is one of the weakest in terms of spell usage and spell power- with Orc Warlock being their only spell casting unit. While overall a weakness, this actually makes the Orc Warlock a solid unit. The Orc Warlock has the green light in all situations to use all of the mana that Kragg has- which is almost always a lot. Kragg players don’t have to worry about saving mana for more powerful spellcasters because that Shockwave is the only spell in the faction. With Spell Ward and 2 health, the Orc Warlock brings a little more defense to the table than most other spellcasters, making it balanced unit overall. Enemy factions unload a ton of spells as a first wave of damage on Kragg because spellcasters usually have a higher rank. Spell Ward helps make the Orc Warlock a good unit to help balance out a big faction weakness.

Underrated Spell or Ability: SWOOP: Double damage on a melee attack against a non-aerial unit. This unit must begin it’s activation aerial. 1 use per game.

Most lower level aerial units are more effective remaining in the air. Not the Feral Griffin. 2 damage is whatever, but 4 damage in Factions is a big chunk of damage. Unsuspecting enemies get really locked into dealing with Kragg’s ferocious melee units and tend to forget about the Feral Griffin (which has rather below average stats beyond Swoop)-and then get pounded for 4 damage. Swoop is an excellent ability to accelerate an offensive push.

What are some of your war stories with Kragg??

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