Baazaria Unit Breakdown part 1

Breaking down 3 of the Baazaria units! (Bloodreaver Wraith/Zombie Goliath/Nightfall Geist) BLOODREAVER WRAITH: Bloodreaver Wraith (BAAZARIA) (6 Gold/VP) The Bloodreaver Wraith is an extremely important unit to Baazaria because it is one of the only units equipped to score big points through melee attacks. With a lethal combination of 3 movement (and Flying!), 3 rank, … Continue reading Baazaria Unit Breakdown part 1

Expanding the Basics- Commanding with Captains

Captains have the ability to Command other units, and knowing when to use this powerful ability, and what type of units to command, can often result in a victory. COMMAND BASICS: RANK: CAPTAIN: COMMANDING A UNIT WITH A CAPTAIN: Captains generally have an above average Rank attribute, meaning they usually will have a chance to … Continue reading Expanding the Basics- Commanding with Captains