Understanding the Faction: MOONSHADOW

BECOME SOMETHING GREATER TO CREATE SOMETHING GREATER "A different kind of power lies in the shadows. One that utilizes stealth, ambush and curses to cripple an oncoming army. Moonshadow generals will get achieve victory by focusing assassinations and well placed ranged attacks on high point units. They can also evade and ignore various ranged and … Continue reading Understanding the Faction: MOONSHADOW

Graviterrus is a dangerous place…..

World map of Graviterrus Graviterrus is the world in which the board game Factions: Battlegrounds takes place. This site will be dedicated to posts about in-game strategy, unit analysis, and more! Graviterrus is a dangerous place... but with the right tactics you can conquer any and all enemies! (Check out the drop-down "Select Category" on … Continue reading Graviterrus is a dangerous place…..