Expanding the Basics- Understanding Prowess

A unit’s Prowess is its attack attribute plus its defense attribute.

A unit’s Prowess number is their attack attribute (number by the sword icon) added to their health attribute (number by the heart icon). It is based off of the current health and attack of the unit, (not the original health and attack when recruited) Here are a couple of examples!

Wild Wyvern has an attack attribute of 3 and a defense attribute of 3. This means Wild Wyvern has a Prowess of 6.
Battle Tembophant has an attack attribute of 2 and a health attribute of 5. However, it has taken 2 damage, so it’s health attribute is currently 3.

Units with high prowess generally are capable melee fighters, and lower prowess units focus on spells or abilities. Because Prowess is a dynamic and easily defined attribute, there can be a lot strategy around it!

Here are some abilities that utilize prowess!

MENACE: Units with a Prowess of 4 or less cannot make melee attacks on this unit.

This is a defense-based ability that protects imposing units from melee attacks from unskilled (or downright scared!) units.

Elite Gladiator cannot be the target of melee attacks from units with a prowess of 4 or less!

SLAYER: Eliminate an enemy unit within the range of this ability if the targeted enemy’s Prowess is 7 or less. (Ranged attack)

This is a ranged attack ability that automatically eliminates an enemy with a low prowess-regardless of their health! It is designed to be an assassination type attack.

The Asanbosam Assassin can target an enemy within a range of 2 spaces with it’s SLAYER attack!


Units with Kidnap can target adjacent units with a Prowess less than or equal to their own Prowess plus 2. The kidnapped unit is removed from the game, but not eliminated. The kidnapping player receive points as though they eliminated the unit, however, the opposing player can buy it back by paying its gold cost to you at any time they have the activation. If they re-recruit it to the Basecamp, you’d lose the points.

Kidnap is an ability in which a unit can temporarily eliminate (without reducing it’s health attribute to 0) an enemy and hold it hostage. It is a way to cause your opponent to either let you get some Victory Points or be forced to pay you some gold.

Units with Kidnap can use the ability on enemy units equal or less than their own prowess (+2). Doom Sand Outlaw has a Prowess of 4. Therefore, it can kidnap enemies with a prowess of 6 or less!

Understanding and using prowess-based abilities can be very advantageous. Do you have any questions on prowess? How about war stories using prowess-based abilities? Hit up the replies!

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