COUNTDOWN: The Top 10 Spells! (Part 2- #7-#5)

Counting down to #1– the top 10 spells in Factions: Battlegrounds (#7-#5)

The countdown of the top spells in Factions: Battlegrounds continues with part 2! To see the spells that just missed the cut, as well as spots 10-8, check out the COUNTDOWN PART ONE!

As usual, I’ll repeat my disclaimer, that this list takes into account several factors, including damage, range, usefulness and mana cost. However, in the end, it is all purely opinion. (MY opinion to be exact!) Let’s keep the countdown rollin’!


(Doom Sand- Genie Khan)

(Doom Sand- Assassin Mage)

(5 mana- Place this unit on an unoccupied space. This unit can attack, move, or cast an additional spell after casting Teleport.)

The first spell to crack the top 10 that does not do any damage! Mobility is extremely important in Factions, especially if the terrain tiles are not set up in your favor. Having the option to occupy any space on the board can provide you with a really crucial tactical advantage. Teleport can serve a variety of functions- it can add another unit to the frontlines, grab an unclaimed resource center, or buy time be retreating to an isolated space. Teleport is also the only spell (or ability/attack for that matter) that does not end the unit’s activation- which makes Teleport a great set-up to deliver key attacks.

The only drawback, if you even want to call it that, is that you need to plan ahead with Teleport. If you aren’t able to complete the combo with an additional spell following Teleport or if the unit that Teleported is isolated and vulnerable, a poorly planned Teleport can be easy victory points for your enemy.


(Primus- Monarch Coatl)

(7 mana- 6 damage total, divided however you choose among any amount of enemies within a range of 2 spaces)

What separates Arcane Blast for me from some of the other 7+ mana, multi-target high damage spells that I put in the Honorable Mentions is the ability to divide the 6 damage. That is a GREAT advantage, meaning the spell can serve as a way to pulverize one high- health enemy or spread out to pick apart multiple lower-health enemies. You are not boxed in to using a space as your target, as is the case with some of the other high-powered spells. Obviously, the ability to hit multiple enemies is extremely useful, but I’m pleasantly surprised when I play Primus how often I use Arcane Blast to overload 5 or 6 damage to a single target. This sort of flexibility makes Arcane Blast an outstanding spell.

One of the weaknesses of this list is the fact that I am solely analyzing the spells in a vacuum- not the overall unit + spell package. Arcane Blast happens to be the spell that one of the overall best units in the entire game can cast, which amplifies it’s power and effectiveness. I feel like I had to make sure to get that disclaimer in before we see #5….


(Doom Sand- Outlaw Mage)

(6 mana- 5 damage total, divided how you choose among any amount of enemies within a range of 2 spaces)

I’m really splitting hairs between Fireball and Arcane Blast as both spells enable the caster to divide damage at the same range. The overall unit (Outlaw Mage) is vastly inferior to the Monarch Coatl, but taking that out of consideration, I give Fireball the #5 spot. While Fireball provides 1 less damage, it also costs 1 less mana. I’ve put a bit of an emphasis on spell affordability throughout this list- and picking up 2 mana per round is a little easier than picking up 3. That increases, ever so slightly, the opportunity to cast Fireball more than once per game. The most useless spell is any spell that you can’t afford to cast!

That does it for the first half of our top 10 spells countdown!!

What spells do you think will crack the top 5? What spells have I overrated or underrated? What spell will be #1??

Next week we get a little closer to my #1 overall spell in the game– as I reveal my #3 and #4 spells!

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