Advanced Strategy: Vanguards Part 2

Before I step into specific, powerful Vanguards for each faction, I want to talk some about some of the strongest units you can include in your Vanguard: those with three or more movement.

Units with three movement, like the units shown above, are extremely powerful in Vanguards because they allow you to immediately gain control of the center resource tile closest to your base camp (except when there are shenanigans going on with water spaces, something I’m very excited to talk about in a later post), and ideally putting you in a position to snowball. Since these units are going to be very far forward, it might be a good idea to have low-cost 3-movement units that won’t give up very many Victory Points if they get killed. On the other hand…

If you’re willing to spend a bit more gold on a 3-movement unit, you’ll find a suite of powerful units with evasive abilities and/or a large amount of health, allowing you to send them into the center of the battlefield and keep your opponents out of that area, denying them a huge amount of the battleground! This is a high-risk, high-reward strategy, however, because if your zone controller bites off more than they can chew, you’ll be down a lot of gold and your opponent will be up a bunch of points! This goes double for units with 4 movement, as they can take the resource center on your opponent’s side of the battleground, but are even more vulnerable to attack!

I hope this post has shown all of you the power of 3-movement units in Vanguards, but don’t let these tips keep you from continuing to experiment with powerful Vanguards of your own! Tune in to my next post wherein I talk about my favorite Vanguards for each faction! See you on the battleground!

One thought on “Advanced Strategy: Vanguards Part 2

  1. 3 movement units are really helpful for a fast start, and 3 movement aerial units are even better. Zyan is built for dominating starts. I like Sunfire Angel in the van but also as an immediate point scorer… Same goes on the ground for Unicorn Warhulk. The tough part about Zyan is having that second line ready to score the winning points after jumping out to a big lead!


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