Kragg Unit Breakdown part 2

Breaking down 3 more of the Kragg Units! (Wild Kongamato/Troll Ravager/Veteran Orc)

(Check out Kragg pt. 1 here!)


Wild Kongamato (KRAGG)(4 Gold/VP)

Kragg has some affordable units that offer underrated mobility. The Wild Kongamato is a great example of one of those units. At 3 movement it makes for a fast and aggressive early game offensive weapon. The WK’s 3 damage melee attack is quite ferocious as well, which makes it capable of inflicting some major pain on an enemy. Aerial units with good speed are always going to have a role no matter the faction, and adding in a really strong attack skill is a huge plus. The 4 gold cost slot is important early on, because it can be paired with 6 gold cost units. The gap between cost slot and game changing units really starts to be noticeable between 5 and 6, and Kragg has some really, really, good 6 cost units. Throw in gold generation and the Wild Kongamato checks out as a very useful unit.

As a fast flying unit, the Wild Kongamato’s best use is in the vanguard or early game, but it is a nice reinforcement round play if an enemy gets to close. It’s 2 health is a little lackluster though so make sure it gets the chance to attack before being attacked.

WHEN TO WARBAND: Factions with low health that have trouble with Aerial units will make for great matchups, especially against enemy vanguards. This would include Parada and Zermano.

WHEN TO BENCH: It can be a challenge to get a lot of impact out of the Wild Kongamato against Zyan, which has plenty of mobile Aerial units, but other than that it usually turns out to be a positive against most other factions.


Troll Ravager (KRAGG)(6 Gold/VP)

One of those really, really good 6 cost slot units is the Troll Ravager. It has solid Prowess stats, but what makes it an elite unit is it’s ranged attack, especially paired with Versatile. The Troll Ravager is a great unit to rack up Victory Points with, mostly through Versatile. Because Kragg draws a lot of units into melee situations, there are usually a lot of opportunities for both a ranged attack and a melee attack in the same activation. That means there is 6 damage incoming, and 3 of it from a distance. When executed correctly, that is battle-changing. I really like the Troll Ravager’s 4 health, as it allows the Troll to usually sustain a hit, meaning it can set the stage for Versatile a lot more often. As a ranged unit, it won’t normally be directly in the line of the heaviest melee hitters, meaning that there are not a lot of enemies that can outright destroy it unless they manage to get through some of Kragg’s biggest units first. Mauler is a really nice touch as well, and can accelerate that point total. Overall, the Troll Ravager is a well-rounded unit with tons of attack upside.

With average movement and rank, just be careful not to have the Troll Ravager too far out of position. It’s a tough monster, but to get the most out of it, you’ll need to maximize Versatile and Mauler. opportunities.

WHEN TO WARBAND: The Troll Ravager is usually a unit to include in most Kragg warbands, as it is their best ranged fighter and has some good abilities. Particularly it can wreak havoc against Primus and Ihalaban, hitting their big units for a Mauler point and then viciously attacking for more damage.

WHEN TO BENCH: It’s hard to bench one of Kragg’s better units, but like a lot of ranged units, it can get out-shot by Parada or struck from distance by Zermano’s spells. It is still worth considering even against those factions because it is able to survive a long-distance attack and it’s threat of a ranged attack of it’s own can flush out hard to reach long-ranged enemies.

Veteran Orc (KRAGG) (6 Gold/VP)

While Kragg has some really great units, they all have average rank. This makes Kragg really Captain dependent. Unfortunately, Kragg’s Captains are not as elite as the rest of their units. The Veteran Orc is not a bad combat unit. They have a very useable ranged attack and a good rank. However, because they do have that Captain ability, they often have to command superior fighters. 3 rank is good, but all other Factions have a higher ranked Captain somewhere on their roster, which puts a lot of pressure on the Veteran Orc to command. At 6 gold, it’s slightly overpriced, but it still sees itself on the board quite often. It is one of the better units during the Command Round, because it can pick off a severely wounded enemy with that ranged attack after commanding a big-time unit. Though no fault of it’s own, the Veteran Orc often gets targeted right away, as it’s the best option Kragg has to remain competitive in the rank cycle.

WHEN TO WARBAND: Against higher-ranked factions like Zyan, Parada or Moonshadow, the Veteran Orc has to be included in some way, otherwise strategic opponents will get to activate their high impact units earlier than Kragg round after round.

WHEN TO BENCH: Kragg has a couple of the best 6 gold cost units in the game with Ogre Berserker and Troll Ravager, so that 6 gold can be valuable. Factions like Ihalaban or Primus can turn into slugfests where the rank cycle might not be as important as attack and health, so the Veteran Orc is not quite as urgent to play.

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