Expanding the Basics- Elite Units

Elite units are units that are extra powerful, and provide unique spells and abilities. However with the extra powerful units comes the necessity of extra strategy.


Factions: Battlegrounds is designed to be a game of choices. Prior to every game of Factions: Battlegrounds, each player chooses a faction. Then, from that faction, each player selects 12 units (from a possible 15)… 3 units from each Faction are considered “elite”. Elite units are indicated by the elite unit card. The elite unit card lets players know which units are elite units. Even if one unit is an elite unit between both players, it is recommended to play to 30 victory points (as opposed to 25)

Here is an example of an ELITE overview card!!

The front of the card lists the 3 units that are Elite units for the Faction, and then the back of the card lists and defines the spells and abilities of the Elite units that are not found on the Faction Overview.


The Faction Overview is a double sided list of all of the spells and abilities for each Faction found on the 12 “non-elite” units, as well as some tips on the play style of the Faction and a few key terms and rules. The Elite unit abilities and spells are found on the Elite card, but some Elite units have “regular” abilities as well!

Tyrant Chieftain is a good example:

The ability “KIDNAP” is found on the Faction Overview, because other non-elite Doom Sand units have the KIDNAP ability as well. However, DOMINION is not found on non-elite Doom Sand units, so it is on the ELITE overview card.

Elite units can often be expensive, and can give your opponent a lot of victory points if you are not careful, but building Warbands with Elite units included will give you substantially more combat power and capable units than if you simply leave them out of your 12 unit Warband.

*** The ELITE units as well as their spells and abilities, could not have been a part of the game without our amazing supporters, as they were a Kickstarter Stretch Goal. Thank you to all our backers for allowing us to add some of the coolest units and spells in the game!

What’s your favorite ELITE unit? How about ELITE spell or ability? Let us know with a reply!

2 thoughts on “Expanding the Basics- Elite Units

  1. I personally like many non-Elite units, but when choosing an Elite Unit, I go for the Royal Titan, as it is not that quick, but can pack a punch when in engaged with others in melee. With overpower just ignoring abilities like natural toughness and parry, there will be nothing that can stand in its way except for range and spells. Another thing I like about the the Royal Titan is its Parry 4, which means the attacking unit would need a 5 or 6 to land a hit at this guy! Deliver the Royal Titan with other units surround him like flying units or units with phalanx and let him wreak havoc when on the other side of the battlefield!


    • No doubt Randolph! Probably the best pure 1 on 1 fighter in the game! It comes at a cost though. I personally don’t include it against Zermano or Doom Sand, too many spells! But against the other Factions, the Royal Titan is almost always in the lineup.


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