We join Randolph, Iz and Leo again to recap our first ever Gen Con experience! (and also talk about Moonshadow)

At 0:42 Jason and Pete break down their overall experience as first timers at Gen Con

Around 3:13, Leo asks how it feels to be suddenly at the same convention as well-established games and game companies.

At 4:52 We discuss how great the energy and excitement of the Gen Con attendees was.

5:33 Pete and Jason discuss how working conventions is hard work- and how important learning and sharing ideas with other designers is.

Around 6:23 Randolph describes his experience on Saturday, the busiest day of Gen Con.

At 8:50, Jason talks about who else came to help with the Factions: Battlegrounds booth, including artists, Kickstarter backers, and other cool people.

At the 10:00 mark, Pete and Jason talk about how despite the hard work, the excitement of people checking out factions was worth it.

At 13:36 Iz asks about some of the restaurants in Indy and how the restaurant community embraces Gen Con

At 19:10 Randolph talks about how the experience at Gen Con was for his kids.

Around 23:00 Jason talks about learning as the convention went along and figuring out what worked well and adjusting on the fly.

Leo brings up Moonshadow at 25:26, which is his favorite faction! Moonshadow is the hardest faction to play, but a couple of units will get a slight boost in abilities to make them easier to play.

We wrap it up around 32:00 and talk about some future conventions!

Major thank you to Randolph, Iz and Leo. It’s always a blast to talk to them. Don’t worry Leo, those Moonshadow adjustments will help you out a lot! Make sure you subscribe to Nerdy Volume’s YouTube channel!

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