Factions: Battlegrounds Captains as NFL Quarterbacks

As the NFL season is about to begin, I’m taking a quick break from the Unit Breakdown series to compare some QBs to Factions Captains!

(The Unit Breakdown series will resume with Part 2, going through each faction again starting next week!)

Captains are the leaders of the rest of your units on the Battleground. Just like Quarterbacks, they often are the units that can be responsible for a win or loss…. and some are certainly better than others!

Here are my comparisons!

Deathstorm Lich (Baazaria) = Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

I chose this comparison not just because they both are OLD (which is true) and not just because the Buccaneers logo includes a skull (also true), but rather because of the Deathstorm Lich’s skillset. At a 5 rank, it’s one of the most intelligent Captains in the game. This 5 rank allows it to always have the upper hand in gaining the advantage. The Lich does not have the best athletic skills, with a low attack and average movement, so it uses it’s Rank to dominate. Exactly like Tom Brady!

Paralyze allows it neutralize an enemy in it’s tracks– Just like Tom Brady at the line of scrimmage diagnosing a defense. The Deathstorm Lich also slowly grinds down enemies, 1 damage at a time, while also making the key commands and putting allied units in place to score points. Tom Brady doesn’t have the raw deep passing ability he might have once had, but still finds ways to win, picking apart defenses and always making the right pass.

Zermano Battle Mage (Zermano) = Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs)

The Zermano Battle Mage has everything you need in an elite captain, particularly a good rank attribute and some combat stats that allows her to score some points on her own. This is the same with Patrick Mahomes, as he has the athleticism to run for some yards when needed, avoid sacks, and is a good leader.

The reason this comparison really stands out though is that Mahomes has one skill that is unmatched, and that is his unbelievable throwing ability. Not only does Mahomes have a cannon and excellent accuracy, but he also can make impossible angles and throws with ease. In Factions: Battlegrounds, the Zermano Battle Mage and her Ice Missle are exactly the same way. 4 range is unprecedented, and the ZBM can launch the Ice Missle all over the Battleground, from an extreme range and over complicated terrain. This can lead to jaw-dropping and unexpected points, just like Mahomes completing a long TD pass!

Amazon Champion (Primus) = Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills)

Josh Allen is one of the biggest, toughest QBs in the NFL right now. While no coach wants their QB to take a pounding every play, Josh Allen is one of the few who is equipped to dish out as much punishment as he takes. The Amazon Champion is one of the very best melee fighting units in the game, as she can take a hit and also use Parry 4 to block melee attacks. She embodies toughness and is equipped to be a high impact unit right on the front lines of combat. She is capable of winning most one on one matchups in the trenches.

Beyond toughness, the Amazon Champion and Josh Allen both share the trait of inspiring leadership. Allen is regarded as one of the top young leaders and teammates at his position, with teammates inspired to play hard with him, and the Amazon Champion commands respect from her fellow warriors as well, using War Horn to call an allied Amazon into battle.

Jabari Warlord (Moonshadow) = Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens)

The Jabari Warlord is one of the most versatile units in Factions: Battlegrounds. It has excellent attributes, primarily the 4 rank and 3 movement. The Warlord’s single used ranged attack can be a big, battle-changing weapon, as can the Swiftstriker ability, which means the Jabari Warlord does double damage on diagonal melee attacks. It’s Evade 4 enables JW to dodge plenty of unnecessary damage. The versatility with a highly athletic foundation reminds me a lot of Lamar Jackson.

Lamar Jackson uses his speed and wiggle to avoid hits and rack up a lot of rushing yardage. Jackson also is very capable of making a clutch, big-time throw when needed, just like the Jabari Warlord using the 3 damage ranged attack. Like the Jabari Warlord to Moonshadow, Lamar Jackson’s versatility makes him extremely important to the Ravens success.

Orc General (Kragg) = Tua Tagovailoa (Miami Dolphins)

Kragg has a lot of really powerful, capable point scoring units. They are fully capable of keeping Kragg in any battle due to their toughness and mighty attacks. The only thing that Kragg needs is an affordable Captain who can give a few key orders and not mess anything up. That’s where the Orc General comes in. The Orc General is not the most talented, skilled, or flashy Captain, but it does help put the other Kragg units in positions for them to do what they do best- Pulverize enemies and score victory points.

The Miami Dolphins put together one of the most talented, speedy, skilled offenses in the NFL this off-season, getting better at every skill position from the wide receiver all the way down to the fullback. Tua Tagovailoa, the Dolphins QB, has not exactly been the most impressive NFL QB to date. Of course, there is still a lot of time for him to improve, but for now his objective is clear.. Make a few key plays, don’t mess anything up, and get the ball to the guys that can score points.

Those are a few of my comparisons! NFL and Factions fans, what do you think? Do you have any good ones?? Let me know in the comments!

(As mentioned, next week we will be going back to our Unit Breakdowns!)

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