Expanding the Basics- Movement and Diagonal Movement

Recognizing diagonal movement, and more importantly diagonal attack opportunities, can give you a significant edge.

In order to properly understand and establish battle plans that include diagonals, it is important to understand MOVEMENT.




Units also can attack enemies diagonally (melee attacks), but ONLY if the unit they are attacking is occupying a space that is on a home terrain tile of the attacking unit. It doesn’t matter the space the attacking unit current occupies, but rather the space of the attack target.

In this example, the ROYAL SWORDFIGHTER (Zyan) can attack diagonally in the first example, because the STORM CONJUROR is on a Plains space, which is the Swordfighter’s home terrain. However, in the second example, the Conjuror is on an Island space, meaning the Royal Swordfighter cannot attack it diagonally in this scenario. Remember, it does not matter what type of terrain the space that the unit currently occupies, just the space the attack target occupies. In other words, in the second example, the Swordfighter could not attack the Conjuror diagonally even if the Swordfighter were on a Plains space.


Spells and Ranged attacks follow the same set of rules that movement and melee attacks do for diagonal movement. Simply put, when calculating the range of a spell or ranged attack, you can count a space diagonally if that space is your home terrain.

Let’s look at an example.

In this example, ZYAN ARCHER, which has a range of 2, can count 2 spaces in order to shoot it’s target, DWARF WARRIOR. A good idea is, simply ask, internally, “can my unit move to that space?” and if the answer is yes, then that means Ranged units and Spellcasters can make attacks to that space as well if it is within range. In the first example, you can see the Zyan Archer (Range of 2) count diagonal first, then across. All of the counting took place on Plains spaces, so making a ranged attack legal.

In the second example (OPTION 1) it is demonstrated what an illegal ranged/spell attack. The Zyan player is unable to move, or shoot diagonally, thus making the Dwarf Warrior unable to be attacked by counting spaces that way. However, Option 2 shows it IS in range!! (This is because units can shoot or cast spells “over” water spaces- water spaces only effect units that move onto them)

In Option 2, the Archer (Range 2) can count the water space as 1, and from that water space count diagonally to the plains space the Dwarf is occupying. The Archer can count the second space diagonally because the Dwarf is on a plains space, which is the Archer’s home terrain


There are some abilities that focus on diagonal melee attacks as well. They include AGILITY and SWIFTSTRIKER.

AGILITY: This unit can make melee attacks on any diagonal space (home terrain or not).


Units with AGILITY are versatile offensively because the always have the option of making a diagonal melee attack, and do not have to rely on enemies occupying home terrain spaces to provide them with opportunities.


This unit does double damage on melee attacks to diagonal spaces.


Units with SWIFTSTRIKER can inflict devastating melee damage on enemy units on diagonal spaces. This ability can maximize your terrain tiles and home terrain spaces by keeping your opponent wary of opening themselves up for a big damage attack.

MOONSHADOW uses Diagonal attack abilities as a big part of their core strategy.

While all Factions benefit from diagonal movement and diagonal attacks, as well as being able to count spell range and ranged attacks over spaces diagonally, MOONSHADOW incorporates diagonal opportunities as a big part of battle plan. They have multiple units with SWIFTSTRIKER or AGILITY and making sure that those abilities can be utilized is crucial for Moonshadow players.

What do you think about diagonal movement and attacks? Start the conversation by hitting reply!!

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