Expanding the Basics-Aerial Units

Aerial units can take over the Battleground, but understanding the best way to implement their ability can make them even more effective. There are some counter-attacks to Aerial units, and learning to identify threats can help you preserve your flyers. AERIAL UNIT BASICS: INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO PORTION ON AERIAL UNITS: 9:25-10:11 RULEBOOK SCREENSHOTS FOR AERIAL In … Continue reading Expanding the Basics-Aerial Units

Expanding the Basics- Movement and Diagonal Movement

Recognizing diagonal movement, and more importantly diagonal attack opportunities, can give you a significant edge. In order to properly understand and establish battle plans that include diagonals, it is important to understand MOVEMENT. MOVEMENT BASICS INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO PORTION ON MOVEMENT: 4:00-4:34 RULEBOOK SCREENSHOTS ON MOVEMENT: Units also can attack enemies diagonally (melee attacks), but ONLY … Continue reading Expanding the Basics- Movement and Diagonal Movement

Expanding the Basics- Icons

Understanding the Icons of Factions: Battlegrounds There are several different Icons that appear throughout the unit cards and on the tokens in Factions: Battlegrounds. Here is a quick overview of them, with excerpts from the rulebook! ICONS: RULEBOOK SCREENSHOTS ICONS-- RESOURCES GOLD and MANA are the 2 Resources in Factions: Battlegrounds. Gold is spent to … Continue reading Expanding the Basics- Icons