Zermano Unit Breakdown part 2

Breaking down 3 more of the Zermano units! (Storm Conjuror/Overlord Sorcerer/Savage Cyclops) (Check out Zermano pt.1 here!) STORM CONJUROR: Storm Conjuror (ZERMANO) 5 Gold/VP Zermano's single target spellcasters are in a league of their own. With efficient mana costs and good rank, they can take over a game. Storm Conjuror is a great example. Lightning … Continue reading Zermano Unit Breakdown part 2

Baazaria Unit Breakdown part 2

Breaking down 3 more Baazaria units: (Skeleton Bladelord, Obayifo Aeromancer, Bonesteel Colossus) (Check out Baazaria pt. 1 here!) SKELETON BLADELORD: Skeleton Bladelord (BAAZARIA)(5 Gold/VP) One of the units with the highest VP scoring potential on Baazaria's roster is the Skeleton Bladelord. The Skeleton Bladelord seems to get a little overlooked for some reason, but it … Continue reading Baazaria Unit Breakdown part 2

Primus Unit Breakdown part 2

Breaking down 3 more Primus units: (Tortuloid Bladebreaker/Greater Wyvern/Jungle River Kraken) (Check out Primus pt. 1 here!) TORTULOID BLADEBREAKER: Tortuloid Bladebreaker (PRIMUS) (5 Gold/VP) The Tortuloid Bladebreaker is an excellent defensive unit. Its' gargantuan 8 health is the highest of any 5 cost slot unit in the game, and with 2 defensive melee-inhibiting abilites, the … Continue reading Primus Unit Breakdown part 2


We join Randolph, Iz and Leo again to recap our first ever Gen Con experience! (and also talk about Moonshadow) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VaGag5AMDc At 0:42 Jason and Pete break down their overall experience as first timers at Gen Con Around 3:13, Leo asks how it feels to be suddenly at the same convention as well-established games and … Continue reading NERDY VOLUME PODCAST- GEN CON RECAP!!

Factions: Battlegrounds Captains as NFL Quarterbacks

As the NFL season is about to begin, I'm taking a quick break from the Unit Breakdown series to compare some QBs to Factions Captains! (The Unit Breakdown series will resume with Part 2, going through each faction again starting next week!) Captains are the leaders of the rest of your units on the Battleground. … Continue reading Factions: Battlegrounds Captains as NFL Quarterbacks