Parada Unit Breakdown part 2

Breaking down 3 more of the Parada units! (Minotaur Chieftain/Centaur Scout/Elf Sharpshooter)

(Check out Parada pt. 1 here!)


Minotaur Chieftain (PARADA)(6 Gold/VP)

One of Parada’s best and most overlooked units it the Minotaur Chieftain. In a faction known for elite ranged shooters, the Minotaur Chieftain’s steady melee skills and top-tier rank help balance the faction’s offensive capabilities. It’s a great, no-nonsense Captain, and is best used to command the slower, lumbering umuthi or the faster, ranged elves and centaurs to initiate points. It has the Prowess to handle business on its own when necessary and can operate as a frontline fighter when the need arises. When Parada can get a couple of shooters spreading the board on the border spaces and tiles with the Minotaur Chieftain controlling the center spaces, they find a lot of success. The Minotaur Chieftain is not a bad value at 6 gold. Units with that 4 rank typically do not bring the attack and defense attributes that the Minotaur Chieftain has to the battleground. That makes the Minotaur Chieftain a really solid, foundational piece of the Parada warband.

Using the Minotaur Chieftain as a point scorer can work, but using it as a Captain maximizes Parada warbands as a whole. Parada’s ranged units can be commanded to strike early in the round giving, wounding bigger enemies before they can advance. Then, at the end of the round, the MC can deliver a 4 damage death blow to a previously shot unit. Looking for command opportunities first and attack opportunities second is a sound thought process with the Minotaur Chieftain.

WHEN TO WARBAND: Due to it’s good Prowess and excellent rank/status as a Captain, the Minotaur Chieftain does not really have a bad matchup and can always find a way to produce something positive. Against factions with overall low rank like Kragg, it really shines.

WHEN TO BENCH: As a tough captain that packs a punch, it’s usually a safe bet to keep the Minotaur Chieftain in your warband regardless of the matchup. Some factions like Baazaria might be challenging simply because they usually have a lot of units on the board and high rank- thus mitigating the MC’s best advantage.


Centaur Scout (PARADA)(3 Gold/VP)

Centaur Scout is an ideal Vanguard unit. 3 rank and 3 movement is a rare combination, and having that sort of activation and mobility for 3 gold gives Parada the potential to stake an early claim to a resource center. The Centaur Scout’s mobility enables it to also dash across the board to wounded enemies. With a 2 attack, the CS can deliver some really crucial damage. This sort of tactic works really well with Parada’s ranged units, and the same sort of philosophy that was discussed with the Minotaur Chieftain can be applied with the Centaur Scout as well: using ranged strikes to wound units and following those shots up with melee fighters helps Parada overcome their lack of game changing spells.

The only drawback to the Centaur Scout is the 1 health, but for only 3 gold the other attributes, especially that movement, more than make up for it. Parada’s melee units are either very mobile or very, very sluggish, so the Centaur Scout often outruns your other units- but for only 3 victory points losing it especially early on is no big deal.

WHEN TO WARBAND: The Centaur Scout is an example of a “when to play” unit vs a matchup unit. Playing the Centaur Scout early in the game to establish control of a resource center or put early pressure on an enemy is the best option. Later in the game, the CS likely not have as much impact.

WHEN TO BENCH: Be very cautious against Baazaria, as Deathwave can cut down the Centaur Scout on any space. In multiplayer games, obtaining resources is a little bit easier, and Parada may want to use the Scout’s spot on something a little more combat-forward.


Elf Sharpshooter (PARADA)(6 Gold/VP)

The best pure ranged unit in the game is also often the focal point of Parada strategies. The Elf Sharpshooter’s 3 range is bonkers, and hitting for 3 damage from that sort of distance can be downright devastating. Precision is the best ability a ranged unit can have, as it ignores Evade and Aerial units, meaning anything that is not fully Immune to Range is a legal target with no way to prevent or dodge the damage. The difference between 2 and 3 damage is noticeable, but the difference between 2 and 3 range is extreme. When forest tiles are placed favorably for diagonal ranged attacks, the Elf Sharpshooter can have a field day. When Parada wins, often it is because the ES takes over a whole side of the battleground, stopping enemies in their tracks. If the Elf Sharpshooter has Grove Umuthi, Monstrous Umuthi or Sentry Jitu on the board soaking up damage and engaging enemies, then the ES has the capability of shredding the enemy warband. When in doubt, targeting Aerial units of higher movement units first is usually smart, because they can potentially reach the Elf Sharpshooter more quickly. The more space and isolation the Elf Sharpshooter has, the better.

1 health is 1 health, and with no defensive abilities, all the enemy has to do is sneak 1 unit through or get 1 spell/attack within range… Usually, the Elf Sharpshooter will have left a significant impact on the outcome of the battle before that happens however.

WHEN TO WARBAND: As Parada’s best pure offensive weapon, the Elf Sharpshooter wreaks havoc on factions without a lot of abilities to attack from distance. Zyan, Kragg and Primus have to immediately take notice and try to eliminate the ES and likely will lose units in the process. Doom Sand and Ihalaban have to spend a lot of resources to take the Sharpshooter down- and that can thwart their ability to recruit new units or cast big spells.

WHEN TO BENCH: Anything with 1 health has to be used very cautiously against Baazaria with Deathwave, but the only faction that is definitely a bad matchup for the Elf Sharpshooter is Zermano. With 3 units immune to Range (Scouting Gargoyle, Blizzard Elemental and Quicksilver Golem) and another 3 that out-rank the ES and use a long range spell (Island Umlingo, Storm Conjuror, Zermano Battle Mage), not to mention opportunistic Aquatic monsters, the Elf Sharpshooter is, surprisingly, one of the worst options against Zermano.

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