We had the chance to discuss some of the reasoning behind the art, mechanics, inspiration and theme of Factions: Battlegrounds with Randolph and Iz!

A few weeks ago we had the chance to appear on the Nerdy Volume Podcast with Randolph and Iz! Randolph has helped in some of the development of the game, and Iz has been awesome to us as well.

This is from awhile back, but it was really fun to hear some of the “early” strategies and ideas that Randolph and Iz both used with Ihalaban and Zermano respectively. They both asked some great questions and had some excellent insight and energy.. It’s a lot of fun to share some of the “back end” ideas for Factions- both from a game design perspective and from a worldbuilding perspective.

Here are some highlights:

1:45 Iz talks about his pride in Zermano and how he is perfecting one go-to strategy

2:40 We talk about how there are some

7:00 We discuss watching players formulate their own strategies and paths to victory

17:10 We talk about some of the “free for all” feel of multi-player games

24:15 Top 3 units and top 3 factions at the time!! (I wonder if Randolph’s have changed?)

27:00 Randolph talks about some of the different starting lineups that his son Angel (who is currently #1 ranked player in his household!) uses.

29:40 Jason discusses the real world Cultural influences of the game.

36:10 More top 3 Factions and units! (Pete’s have definitely changed!)

44:15 Randolph describes how his kids use totally different playstyles.

50:30 We talk about future ideas for Factions: Battlegrounds.

Make sure you check out all of Nerdy Volume Podcast’s stuff and subscribe to the YouTube channel Here.

Thanks so much Randolph and Iz!

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