Expanding the Basics- Icons

Understanding the Icons of Factions: Battlegrounds There are several different Icons that appear throughout the unit cards and on the tokens in Factions: Battlegrounds. Here is a quick overview of them, with excerpts from the rulebook! ICONS: RULEBOOK SCREENSHOTS ICONS-- RESOURCES GOLD and MANA are the 2 Resources in Factions: Battlegrounds. Gold is spent to … Continue reading Expanding the Basics- Icons

Graviterrus is a dangerous place…..

World map of Graviterrus Graviterrus is the world in which the board game Factions: Battlegrounds takes place. This site will be dedicated to posts about in-game strategy, unit analysis, and more! Graviterrus is a dangerous place... but with the right tactics you can conquer any and all enemies! (Check out the drop-down "Select Category" on … Continue reading Graviterrus is a dangerous place…..