Understanding the Faction: BAAZARIA


“The undead in the Baazaria swamps are a dangerous foe. They can use death magic and abilities to hit enemies from all over the board. Baazaria players can gain control of key areas quickly by using Asanbosam and Wraiths, and then slow down the battle with a wall of Zombies. Once that is established, units use death magic to corrode and destroy, resulting in a Baazaria victory. Generals of the undead must make sure they have enough mana to achieve victory and strike with some spells, as some of Baazaria’s ground melee units sometimes can’t hold up to tougher ground troops. Baazaria is a great choice for a player that likes to play for a longer strategy and control the board.”– Website gameplay description

Baazaria sits on top of one of the most important resources in Graviterrus, mana. In this faction’s location, the mana is abundant and quite strong, flowing through the waters of the swamp and also existing in its most pure rock form. The land contains untold power, because of this Baazaria is home to incredible spellcasters, tireless undead troops, and bloodthirsty monsters including the vampiric Asanbosam that all work in service of one man. A man whose magical abilities are just as strong as his desire to reconstruct the continent of Graviterrus in his own unnatural image. A world where magic can freely be used, even if it means “dominion by blood”. – Jason Crayton, Director of Graviterrus Lore

Mr.BoardGamer- Baazaria Strategy Video


  • Control the Battleground with constant pressure from spells like Deathstorm that hit every enemy in every space.

  • Wear down the front lines and oncoming attacks by regenerating and bringing back endless Zombies and Wights.

  • The Asanbosam are swift and deadly, use them to start off with a quick assault or to close out the game by wreaking havoc on a worn down enemy!

5 Spells and Abilities that make Baazaria dangerous:

DEATHWAVE: 1 damage to all enemies on the battleground. Includes Aerial units. (Deathstorm Lich)

REGENERATE: This unit returns to play in the exact Space it was on at full health after being killed. Regeneration must be cast immediately after the unit is killed. The unit cannot cast the spell once the next unit activates. (Your opponent still gets points for eliminating the unit even if it regenerates) (Shambling Wight, Zombie Goliath, Skeleton Bladelord)

REANIMATE UNDEAD: Place a previously eliminated undead unit in your basecamp. Your opponent still keeps their original points for eliminating the unit. (Baazaria Necromancer)

AGILITY: This unit can make melee attacks on a diagonal space regardless of if the space is their home terrain or not. (Asanbosam Warlord, Asanbosam Swiftblade, Skirmisher Wraith)

EXECUTE: Eliminate an adjacent enemy wounded unit. (Kichwavore Ravager)

Battle plan A: Zombie wall + Rain down death

6 key units:

Baazaria’s Deathwave spell is the focal point of this strategy. The Deathstorm Lich has a really high rank and is capable of hitting everything on the board over and over again with enough mana. Get the Lich situated on a home terrain tile safely out of the center of the board and let the storm rain down! The rest of the units can function as the Lich’s bodyguards. Bonesteel Colossus and Zombie Goliath have the health attributes to block and engage oncoming enemies, while Zombie Goliath and Shambling Wight can regenerate, buying more time and wearing down oncoming units. The Obayifo Aeromancer is a great complimentary unit as she can wound any aerial unit that may be rushing towards the Lich with Windblast. Paralyze can work well to slow oncoming forces. This tactic will require a lot of mana for the Deathwaves and Regenerations, so the Nightfall Geist is a good, cheap unit to use to claim Mana Pools.

Battle plan B: Fast paced assault

6 key units:

The Asanbosam of Baazaria have high rank and are athletic, capable of using Agility to attack enemies diagonally at will. Using Asanbosam Packmaster ‘s War Horn, generals can bring in an Asanbosam with no penalty. Asanbosam Assassin using Slayer and Asanbosam Warlord are capable of scoring big points with ranged attacks. With 3 Captains, the Asanbosam will almost always have the opportunity to strike first and strike hard. The Wraiths complement the Asanbosam really well as offensive based flying units that can evade and ignore spells and range. Bloodreaver Wraith and Asanbosam Warlord can be offensive catalysts, while units like Skirmisher Wraith and Asanbosam Swiftblade can reach scouts and isolated enemies through 3 movement and Agility. When using this tactic, always be pressing and attacking. Allowing your enemy time to get heavy melee units on the board will mitigate Baazaria’s quickstrike impact.


Baazaria Necromancer is the only unit in the game capable of bringing back an eliminated allied unit. Reanimate Undead ensures that Baazaria is never truly out of the battle. Bringing back a powerful unit with a fresh start can totally turn the tide of the battle and can demoralize the enemy. Necrotic Orb can be useful to pick apart powerful enemies as well.

Underrated Spell or Ability: AMBUSH: Units with Ambush make an immediate range attack on an enemy as soon as that enemy enters a space within it’s range.

Ambush works really well with any Baazaria strategy. It lets the Kichwavore Ravager serve as defensive turret when trying to control certain zones of the board, and it works well as an offensive tactic, pinning an enemy into certain spaces and limiting their ability to move without sustaining ranged damage.

What are some of your war stories with Baazaria??

4 thoughts on “Understanding the Faction: BAAZARIA

  1. Nice post! Great video from Mr. Boardgamer also! I try to stay away from this faction as much as I can because I feel like it’s too OP. But it’s starting to grow on me the more my opponents play it.

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    • A great way to beat Baazaria I have found is to identify the strategy and disrupt it– If they are going for the Deathwave, cut off the mana and gold with faster units.. If they are going with the faster paced units, recruit a unit or 2 with decent health and build up your forces a bit.. If you can prevent Baazaria from controlling the resource centers, you can cut off a lot of their long game.


  2. Plan B is my favorite strategy with this faction hands down and it is one of my favorite things to do in the entire game. Honestly coming out the gate with the fast and aggressive Asanbosam and the flying wraiths is to keep the pressure on and while waiting to bring out the spellcasters is a victory waiting to happen. Press and attack and then use a little of Plan A to finish em off.

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  3. Awesome write-up and video about an AWESOME faction! I’ve mentioned it before, but Baazaria is by far my favorite. I think at the really high levels of play, Baazaria is the most difficult faction, because you really have to keep track of your resources. Baazaria’s spells generate advantage, but don’t kill single targets as easily as Zermano’s do. There are certain match-ups where you, as the Baazaria player, just have to sit down and accept that you’re going to need to outlast your opponent, generate incremental advantages every turn, until you can eventually just overwhelm them. Luckily, Baazaria is perfectly prepared to do that! Baazaria has the lowest average unit cost of any faction, but it also has the highest average rank and the second highest number of captains. This means that you’ll be able to establish control of the board early, ideally capturing some resource centers to allow you to cast spells every turn and continue the assault. Baazaria works well in the long, grindy matchups that I love, but it doesn’t lack offensive power either, thanks to the Asanbosam. It’s just such a flexible, powerful faction, I have fun every time I play it!


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